The GCS Portfolio of Companies

ITEL Laboratories, Inc.

Screenshot of the ITEL website

The Independent Testing and Evaluation Laboratory (ITEL) provides carriers, contractors, retailers, and homeowners unbiased pricing and matching service on damaged flooring, roofing, and siding.

For flooring, ITEL offers benchmark pricing and current Like Kind and Quality styles based on the specifications of the original product. For siding and roofing, matching products are identified and sourced, allowing repairs to proceed with the best available match. ITEL searches nationwide to source both current and discontinued products.

As an independent laboratory, ITEL does not sell or distribute replacement materials. ITEL primarily tests materials for US carriers.

Insurance Claims Collaborative, Inc. (ICC)

Screenshot of the ICC website

Through its Insurance Claim Flooring Valuation and Replacement Program, the Insurance Claims Collaborative (ICC) offers Canadian insurers a national flooring appraisal and replacement service. The mission of the ICC Insurance Claim Flooring Validation and Replacement Program is to help the insurer and insured fairly and accurately determine the quality of damaged flooring and to recommend currently available product alternatives of like kind and quality.

ICC evaluates carpet, pad, vinyl and other resilient flooring, laminate, and laminate underlayment. ICC also offers siding and roofing matching through the ICC mobile app.

Discontinued Materials, Inc. (DMI)

Screenshot of the DMI website

Discontinued Materials, Inc. (DMI) has compiled a unique inventory of discontinued asphalt shingles, helping homeowners and roofers locate hard-to-find shingles needed for minor roof repair.

Shingles are sent directly from the DMI warehouse to the home, allowing for fast and effective repairs that match the original roof. DMI continuously searches the US for additional stockpiles of discontinued roofing to add to their inventory of products.